10 Incredibly Best Handy Siri Shortcuts for iOS users

10 Incredible Best Handy Siri Shortcuts for iOS users, here is the list of 10 extremely useful Siri Shortcuts that comes in handy and make your life easier.

Search Amazon

This Siri Shortcut allows you to scan a barcode which will immediately search Amazon for that product with the barcode on it.

If you open the shortcut and scan a barcode of a product, it will pick it up and ask you if you want to open up Amazon. Tap OK and it will search for the product on Amazon and show the up the result.

So if you are in store and you want to compare the price of the product with Amazon, you can do it with just a tap.

It was built by doing a “scan QR code” feature and then it counts the characters with the if-then statement. So if the input was less than 12 then it was not a UPC otherwise it will scan it and instantly go into Amazon.

It consists of a custom string of text that takes you to the Amazon application by putting the barcode with the actual numbers in there at the end of the URL.

Download here

Amazon Price History:

Another Siri shortcut that’s related to Amazon. This shortcut gives you the price history of a product on Amazon. If you decided to buy a nice Tshirt and you think the price is a bit high.

Say it is $50 but we want to know if they were cheaper last week or if they were more expensive last week. Let’s see if we can possibly see an upcoming deal. Tap share option and tap shortcuts and it will open the shortcuts app.

Now tap the Amazon price history, you will get a chart that includes the price history of the product you have chosen.

It is a super useful Siri shortcut to know the price history of a product on Amazon.

Download here

Social Media Downloader:

This Siri shortcut allows you to download videos and stories from Social Media. The process is simple. Just go the video you want to download, tap share and then copy the link. Then go to shortcuts app and tap the Social Media Downloader (SMD).

It will automatically pull out your URL since it was copied to clipboard and process it. As a result, it will ask you for the quality all the way up to 720P. Tap the quality you want and it will start downloading the video straight into your camera roll.

Download here

Add iPhone Border to Screenshots:

This shortcut adds an iPhone border to the screenshot to make it look awesome. This is actually going to add a border of like an iPhone to all of your screenshots which makes them really cool when you share them.

Tap the Shortcut and it will ask you to download device images and install. Tap OK and it will do what it just said. Now go into your photos, go to a screenshot, click on share and tap shortcuts.

Now choose the shortcut “device screenshots” and then you choose which device you actually want the border to be. If you choose iPhone X, the image will appear inside an iPhone X making it look cooler.

Download here

Covert Burst to GIF :

This shortcut allows you to convert burst photos into GIFs. Tap the Shortcut and select the burst images and Boom. It will combine them all together and give you an output in GIF format. It will also ask you to share or save to photos making it easier to share right away after you created it.

Download here

Sales Tax :

This shortcut helps you find how much tax is actually added on to a certain price so it will need access to your location because it is location-based.

This way it works with every single state so if we put in our subtotal let’s say 100.96$ and it will give you the total after-tax is 270.337$.

It was built by basically getting the location of your state and showing local and then it shows you all of the values for each state right there.

Then it takes the subtotal and multiplies it by the value right there which then it does round it up and it gives you the final round total. This is very useful for finding sales tax.

Download here

WiFi via QR code :

This shortcut basically, pulls up a QR code that will show you or it will allow you to get into the Wi-Fi network without needing to enter the password.

If you have another device or somebody came to your house all they’d have to do is pull up the camera, scan the QR code and they would instantly be connected to your Wi-Fi network.

It pulls your Wi-Fi name and gets that variable as the SSID. You have to enter the password as the text there, then it gets that text as the password and it puts that into a The QR code. So the QR code is embedded with the wifi name and password.

So as soon as someone scans the code they will instantly be connected to the network. This comes in handy if you don’t want to reveal your password to someone but still, you want them to connect to your WiFi.

Download here

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WhatsApp Non-Contact:

One annoying thing about WhatsApp is you first have to add the number in your contact list and only then you will be able to send a chat message.

Of course, it makes sense from a privacy standpoint but nonetheless, it’s irritating. So thanks to this shortcut. It can allow you to type in the number and then start-up a Whatsapp chat without saving any number which makes sense if I’m not going to be in touch with them in the future every now and then.

Open the shortcut and It will ask you for the number. Type the number and tap OK. It will open a Whatsapp chat with that number without adding it to the contact list.

Download here

Covert Slow-mo:

Slow-motion videos taken by iPhones can only be watched in slow-motion on iPhones. It can’t be watched in that state on any Android phone. if you try to share that video on an Android well it won’t remain a slow-motion video.

So with the help of this shortcut, you can simply run a script and it will save this slow-motion video in its actual frame rate which you can later send it to your Android friends. Just simply tap the share button and then shortcuts and choose “Covert Slo-mo”. It will run a script and save a copy of the video with the exact slow-motion fps. Later you can share it with your android friends.

Download here

Got Pull Over :

The last one in the list. So this shortcut won’t stop the bullets coming at you but it can come in handy when you are in not so friendly neighborhood so running this script will do a series of functions that will help you when you encounter a cop or bad cop.

 It first turns the brightness to a minimum, activates do not disturb mode, then it proceeds to send a pre-programmed text message to your emergency contact with your current location.

The best part is it automatically begins to record a video and send it to your emergency contact as well. 

This shortcut comes in handy if you are in some bad situation and seek prevention if something goes bad.

Download here

Our Recommendations :

You can run the shortcut either by using the shortcuts gallery in shortcuts app

( or )

  • You can assign a Siri custom voice command for each and every shortcut which triggers shortcut and makes it more easier.
  • You can also add these shortcuts to widgets if you don’t prefer Siri voice commands.

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