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Here are the Best apps to take Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone

Taking scrolling screenshot on iPhone is not as easy as Android. But this apps will make it easier and simpler.


Picsew is the better option than long screenshot as it has more features. The most notable and important feature of the picse is that it can stitch the image together along vertical and horizontal. This makes the user create an awesome landscapeoriented scrolling screenshots.

It also consist of editing tools to edit the pic but it is not as good as other photo editing apps. You can also add watermarks and borders around the pic as per your need.

Another feature to mention is that it can also blur the peoples face if the user needs to.

Tt can take a screenshot of the entire webpage with just a tap. It has no limit for the number of screenshots it can stitch into a single image.
Unlike Long screenshot, this app works with all scrollable content including third-party apps like facebook, twitter or WhatsApp.

The app requires iOS 10.0 or later to run.it is priced at $0.99

You can download the app here


Tailor is another screenshot capturing app for iPhone. It works with popular apps like WhatsApp, twitter or facebook. It will not automatically scroll down a webpage or app to capture it.

Instead, you need to take the screenshots manually and add them to the tailor. The tailor will stitch them all together automatically.

This app requires iOS 9.0 or later to run. It is free to download (upgrading will remove ads)

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You can download the app here

3.Long screenshot

This app takes a long screenshot as the name mentions but it has a drawback. It only takes a screenshot of the web pages. It won’t work with other apps likes facebook,twitter or WhatsApp chats.

To take a screenshot, the user has to copy the webpage URL and paste it in the long screenshot app.
This app requires iOS 9.0 or later to run. It is priced at $1.99

The app is currently un available on the App Store

4.Siri Shortcut

Now let’s look at a Siri shortcut that scroll captures a webpage. One of the handiest and at the same time most complicated features of iOS 12 is Siri shortcut app. Using this feature, the user can create their own Shortcut that automates the task and works with Siri as well.

First things first, Download this Siri Shortcut named WebSaver+. This shortcut will scroll capture an entire webpage for you. The cool thing is that you don’t even want to open the webpage.

Long Screenshot iPhone

Simply copy the URL of the webpage you want to capture and past it in the Shortcut. The shortcut will capture the entire page and shows you in the form of a picture. And you can tap the share sheet to share it or save it.

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