6 Features you must know before buying Apple Watch Series 5

Watch 6 Features you must know before buying Apple Watch Series 5

Last week, Apple announced several new upgrades for its product list. iPhone 11 series was said to be the star of the show but apple gave an upgrade to Apple Watch and iPad too. Now let’s see what apple watch series 5 has to offer which is different from the previous version.

Always-On Display:

Always-on display is not only the new feature of Apple watch but also for Apple itself. But this is something that Android smartphones have had for years now and it was, in my opinion, the main downside of an Apple watch. normally it will be at a lower brightness though but when you tilt your wrist that’s when the full brightness would be enabled.

LT PL display:

Unlike most of the androids smartwatches that use the exact same 60 Hertz refresh rates on the always-on display, the Apple Watch series 5 now uses an LT PL display that can actually adjust its refresh rate anywhere from 60 Hertz to all the way down to 1 Hertz.

It means that it will only refresh once every second which is really what you need and an always-on display doesn’t care about fluid animations or smooth effects.  You just want to see the time and that’s it and in combination with a brand new low-power display driver improve power management in the processor and also new Ambilight sensor.

Apple claims to have the same battery life of series 4 that is 18 hours.

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Inbuilt Compass:

Apple Watch Series 5 has a builtin compass for navigation. Compass is something we have seen for years on smartphone but embedding a compass in a watch is something new. I’m not saying this is completely new but it’s still new. It comes in handy if you are lost and have no cellular signal. Just open the app, navigate your direction using the compass and you are good to go.

International SOS:

The new version of Apple Watch supports international SOS calls which makes it possible to call emergency services if you are in a different country. So if you are outside your country, traveling without network access and something happens to you, it is still possible to make an SOS.

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Ceramic edition is back. Apple completely removed Ceramic edition of Apple Watch from series 4 which is one of the downside of Series 4 because there are some peoples who like the Ceramic edition just like me. This forces me to buy the other variants. But now they bought it back. It is the same casing we had before on series 3.

Apple Watch Studio:

Apple Watch Studio is completely new and something interesting too. Now the Apple watch is completely customizable. So now for the first time, you can order the exact Apple Watch that you want in the exact casing material that you want with the exact band that you want.

customizable apple watch series 5

When purchasing a Series 5 either in a physical Apple Store,the Apple Store app, or Apple.com, you can now pick your perfect case and band combination, rather than having to choose from the more limited and specific combinations that Apple chooses for you, which is how it’s been since the launch of the original Apple Watch.

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