About Us

Apple Inclusion is the new media company that covers news, updates, and rumors about technology focusing more on apple.

At Apple Inclusion, we serve the hottest apple and tech-related news through our websites, help our audience to know more about it and its related content in a very detailed way.
Apple Inclusion was founded in 2019  as an effort, turned into a passion and later into a responsibility to help people use Apple devices and other techs in the most efficient way possible. We also provide tips and tutorials.

Our coverage mainly focuses on Apple products.

  • Mobile(iPhone,iPad,Apple Watch)
  • Computers (MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro)
  • Software ( iOS, Mac OS, Watch OS, Apple Music,iCloud, Siri and more)

And also

  • Other tech giants (including Samsung, Google, etc)
  • Other software (Including Andriod, windows)
  • Other tech-related.