Apple Agrees That Some 2018 iPad Pro Models Slightly Bend and Says its Normal

Apple’s latest iPad ships with a little bend and Apple says it’snot a manufacturing defect, its normal.
Apples new iPad pro ranges in price from $799 for the base 11-inch model up to $1,899 for a fully-loaded 12.9-inch device with 1TB of storage and LTE connectivity. According to apple, the little bend is the result of the cooling process involving iPad Pro’s metal and plastic components during manufacturing. Many users on social media and MacRumors forum states that their iPad pro developed a slight bend without putting any stress or pressure.
When The Verge approached Apple for comment, the company told the publication that the bending is “a side effect of the device’s manufacturing process and shouldn’t worsen over time or negatively affect the flagship iPad’s performance in any practical way.”Apples itself says that it’s not manufacturing defect, so it won’treplace the iPad Pro under warranty.
Back in 2014,apple-facedsimilar issues that iPhone 6 and iPhone6 plus had the same problem. Users had complained that their iPhone 6 and 6 plus bends when applying a certain amount of pressure to it. Applehad replaced the affected phones under warrantybecause they accepted that its the manufacturing defect but its not the case with the new iPad Pro.
Apple states that its not a manufacturing defect and so it won’treplace the new iPad pro under warranty. However, Apple offers a return policy on new iPad pro that allows the customers to return their new iPad within 14 days without any specific reason. That’s the only option if you bought an iPad Pro with the issue.

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