Apple Special event :4 things that apple announced

Apple just unpacked several new things in the Apple special event with celebrities. The event nearly took 2 hours to complete. Let’s get straight into the topic.

Apple announced 4 new services in the event. However, theses announcement won’t be useful till later this year. Now, let’s see what were the announcement.

4 Things that Apple Announced

1.Apple news+

Original Source – Apple , Screen Shot – Appleinclusion

It’s a subscription service that brings over 300 popular magazines together in a single app.  The subscription costs $9.99 per month. Users can try a free trial of one month before subscribing. Apple news + will gather information from the original apple news app history to feed the user based on their interest. It also supports family sharing up to 6 people. It is available on iPhone, iPad, and mac after updating to latest OS.

2.Apple Card

Original Source – Apple, ScreenShot – Appleinclusion

Apple Card is a digital credit card for iPhone available in iPhone wallet app. Tim Cook Says that Apple pay is incredibly successful so Apple is expanding the service even more and offering a digital and virtual credit card. Apple card will be available in digital form inside the wallet app. Later this summer, titanium physical card will be available. The card will look premium with all white will little apple logo in it. The card won’t display any of your card details to make more privacy secured. However, the details will be available in the app.

Just like other credit cards, users will get cashback rewards and its called Daily cash. Users will get 2 % cash back on every purchase and 3 % back on every purchase that is made from apple stores and apple service like Apple news +. The credited cashback will be updated daily and can be transferred to bank accounts or apple pay.

3.Apple Arcade

Original Source – Apple, Screenshot – Appleinclusion

Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service that is built just for Apple devices. It is available in the dedicated tab on the app store. After subscribing, users will get access to over 100 games. There will be no ads and no in-app purchases and the games will work on offline too. It is also cross-platform so you can pick the game on iPad where you left on the iPhone. Apple Arcade will also work with family sharing just like apple news +. Apple hasn’t revealed any information about pricing yet.

4.Apple TV +

Source – Apple

Apple TV app will now be updated and making it available on the Mac as well as some smart TV platforms including Samsung, LG. And also it will be available for set-top boxes from Roku and Amazon. This is all about the current Apple TV app. Now let’s see what is Apple TV+?

Apple TV + is a video subscription service like Netflix. Some celebrities like Steven Spielberg showed up on stage to reveal their project with apple tv + that includes Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston reveals their project The Morning Show with co-star Steve Carell, Alfre Woodard, and Jason Momoa reveals see, a new sci-fiction series coming to apple tv + and much more has been revealed. Apple hasn’t disclosed any details about pricing. The info will come this fall, said Apple.

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