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best of the 7 video editors to turn normal footages into an appealing video

For the video shoot, either talking a professional video or just a casual vlog video, iPhone is the best smartphone till now and apple keeps on improving it with a new release of the iPhone each year.

The latest iPhone comes with a triple camera setup that can shoot videos at 4K in 60 FPS. iOS’s stock video editor is good but doesn’t give you pro-level tools to edit the video.

There are several free and paid apps on the app store to edit the raw footage of the video shot by iPhone but only some stand out in the crowd providing the best tools to enhance and edit the video in all the possible ways.

Here, you will come to know the best video editing apps for the iPhone and iPad.

1. iMovie

Let’s start with the free one. iMovie is developed by Apple itself and is one of the best free video editors for iPhone. As it is made by Apple, it syncs well with the Apple ecosystem such as Mail, Messages, iCloud and Airplay to stream directly on Apple TV.

iMovie is best suited for beginners and those who take casual videos. iMovie provides 14 varieties of templates and 8 varieties of themes to create Hollywood style trailers with matching titles, transitions, and music. These scores were composed by some of the world’s top professionals

Best Video editor for iPhone and iPad
Image Credits: Apple

It also provides some useful features such as green screen compatibility, people detection, and lowering background noise.

Like other video editing apps, iMovie works very well on the iPad’s big screen. For a bonus, you can also add a keyboard to an iPad to use the dedicated keyboard shortcuts, which will make the job quicker and easier.

iMovie also allows you to upload your video on YouTube at 4K resolution directly within the app. 4K is supported by iPhone 6s and later or iPad Air 2 and later.

Merits :

Built-in templates and filters

Supports AirDrop

Final Cut Pro compatible



Download here (free)

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

There is two main software that professional uses to edit the raw footage of a video. One is Apple’s Final Cut Pro, and the other is Adobe’s Premiere Pro. You get me, right? Adobe has been in the video editing platform for more than a decade. Adobe Premiere Rush is a lightweight, compressed, and a minimal version of the bigger one.

Although, Premiere Rush is nowhere near the Premiere Pro it gives you decent tools for editing video in the palm of your hand.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. It allows you to capture, add color filters, record voice-overs, change clip sequence and many more. You can also sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud and sync your project between Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush.

Best Video editor for iPhone and iPad
Image Credits: Adobe

Like other video editors, Premiere Rush features a basic set of tools to adjust exposure, vibrancy, contrast, shadows, temperature, and more. It also provides some advanced tools such as changing the aspect ratio to the portrait, landscape, and square. The modifications you did can be saved as the custom preset and can be applied to your other projects.


Built-in filters

Adobe Premiere Pro compatible

100GB of cloud storage


Expensive for an individual subscription ( $9.99 per month)

No green screen support

Few built-in transitions

Download here (free, in-app purchase)

3. Lumafusion

Lumafusion is a simple but intermediate video editor. It provides you a lot of tools for professional-grade video editing but with a simple UI. 

The first main feature is the multi-track functionality with 12 tracks of sound. 6 for the video (includes audio) and 6 for the individual and imported audio such as sound effects and music.

Other eye-catching features are the chroma keying for blue and green screen and the markers. Markers are nothing but a timestamp that allows the editor to make notes for a particular clip that shows up in the timeline.

Best Video editor for iPhone and iPad
Image Credits: Lumafusion

Besides these, It provides you all the basic and advanced tools for video editing such as the external monitor preview, headers for muting, hiding and locking tracks, color creation, fast & slow motion and more.

There is a paid subscription service called Storyblock which includes thousands of royalty-free images, videos, and sounds.

Lumafusion is priced at $29.99 with an in-app purchase of storyblocks [ Monthly ($9.99) & Yearly ($69.99) ]


User-friendly UI

Supports up to twelve tracks of video and audio

Supports external display


No distortion correction

No 10 Bit support

Download here ($29.99)

4. Inshot

Inshot is a free and simple video editor that gives you plenty of tools for decent video editing. It best suits for vloggers because It offers a basic set of tools such as trim, cut, delete, rotate, flip and merge videos. And also options to add music, voice-overs, and sound effects.

You can add music to the video from your iTunes library or from the Inshot library (which comprises several tracks). It also provides a lot of filters for video and photo. Unlike other video editors, Inshot can edit photos with some cool filters and collages.

Best Video editor for iPhone and iPad
Image Credits: Inshot

The main downside of the app is the ads and watermark. You can be annoyed by ads while editing but it can be removed with a paid subscription.

Inshot is free to download and offers an optional paid subscription of $2.99 that removes the ads and watermark.


Easy to use

Can edit Photos

Quicker processing


Free version includes watermark and ads

Download (free, in-app purchase)

5. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is for those who seek an intermediate video editor for their iPhone or iPad. It allows you to adjust the color gradient, saturation, white balance, and contrast with advanced controls.

It comes with 39 professional transition options and 30 filters to enhance your footage. It also provides 72 custom composed music tracks and a ton of fonts in the style of Retro, Graffiti, and script. In addition, they have “Special fonts collection” with 101 beautiful fonts.

Best Video editor for iPhone and iPad
Image Credits: Filmmaker Pro

You can try Filmmaker Pro for free with watermark and limited features. You can remove the watermark with an in-app purchase of $29.99 or get access to all the features including the entire fonts collection and Chromakey for $69.99.

If you’re a serious video shooter and editor, $69.99 will be a worthy buy.


Ton of fonts

Advanced tools

Provides 39 transitions and 30 filters



Most tools are paid

Download here (free, in-app purchase)

6.Quick: Go Pro Video Editor

If you’re a Go Pro user, then this is a must-have video editor. It works well with Go Pro to recognize faces, smiles, cheers, jumps and more. It doesn’t only work with the Go Pro but also with the photo library.

Best Video editor for iPhone and iPad
Image Credits: GoPro

It provides 26 themes with adjustable fonts, graphics, filters, and filter intensity. Like other video editors, it allows you to trim, zoom, rotate and reorder the footage as you wish. Adding GPS stickers to the video is a unique feature that other editors lack.

You can choose over 100 free songs from Quick library, use your own from the iTunes library or import music from your cloud such as iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


Simple and quick to edit

More than 100 songs to choose from


4K is not supported

Download here (free, in-app purchase)

7. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the best video editing apps for iPhone in the category–Easy of use with the professional-grade result. It offers some professional tools with simple UI that makes the editing very easy yet producing professional-level results.

It supports multiple layers of videos, images and special effects. You can edit your footage in any video formats such as landscape, portrait, and square( best suits for Instagram). The background score and voice-overs can be added from the built-in assets store. The store contains stickers, fonts, transitions, music and more which can be downloaded for free and paid.

Best Video editor for iPhone and iPad
Image Credits: Kinemaster

The app is free to download but includes a watermark. It can be removed by a premium version that costs $4.99 Monthly or $39.99 Annually.


Simple to use

Offers built-in asset store


Free version includes watermark

Download here (free, in-app purchase)


These are the best video editing apps that work well on the iPhone and iPad. Some of them are free and some are paid. If you’re a pro-level editor, then go for the paid ones.  Or else I suggest you try the free ones before making any purchases. These apps can edit any videos from casual Vlog to Professional grade.

Do you know any video editing apps that the list is missing? Leave a comment down below.


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