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How to Send a Group Text Message on iPhone

Send bulk SMS iPhone

How To Send A Mass Text Message From iPhone You often need to send bulk messages to masses for your personal requirement, business promotions, offer announcements and many other important revelations. During such times, typing each message personally is not…

How to Clear Cache on iPhone (And iPad)

How to clear cache on iPhone

As you use your iPhone or iPad, the cache is junked resulting in the storage sacrifice or a hit in the performance. For the newer iOS devices, cache is not a matter because they are super powerful and comes with…

Siri Shortcut that Ejects Water from your iPhone

Siri Shortcut that Ejects Water One of the most annoying problems we face after getting our iPhone into water is the lack of sound quality from the speakers. The iPhone 7 and later are technically waterproof that certifies iPhone 7…

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