Fortnite now supports 60FPS on the new iPhones

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Fortnite now supports 60FPS on the new iPhones which are iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The real beast here is hiding inside the new iPhones, the A12 bionic chip which powers and makes the new iPhones super powerful. The new iPhones are the only phones to support fortnite at 60FPS.
Even the older iPhones runs fortnites smother than android. Fortnite is been well optimized for iOS devices compared to android. Turning around, moving the camera is buttery smooth. Just make sure that the option is set to 60fps in the settings.
Fortnite is also supported at 60FPS on the gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. As of now, only andriod and Nintendo switch are the only platforms that doesn’t support fortnite at 60FPS.
According to an Epic Games representative, who spoke to The Verge, the company is continuing to work on Android optimizations that could allow the support for 60hz mode some time in the future. It is not easier to get victory royale if we have 60 FPS. You have to master the game to get it. But its nice to play on 60 FPS

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