How to Record Screen on Your iPhone

How to Record Screen on Your iPhone?

Apple came into the market and has become quite the symbol majorly attributed to its ease of access and usage. Although taking a screenshot is as simple as it is in any Android phone, still not many people know how to record their screens on an iPhone.

With the rising trends in video logging and streaming activities, recording your screen has become quite the interest. To help you in this cause, this article will explain the way in which you can record your screen on your favorite iPhone set.

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Before we proceed, it’s always nice to know the perks screen recording can bring. You can have different applications open, make your tailored selections and do everything else you want for the respective audiences in record screen mode and the viewers will be able to absorb everything from your viewpoint. This also includes the time it took to go through a process.

This also helps you store a certain process for yourself for later viewing so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a certain process since you always have your self-made video with you.

A couple of important things to know before you proceed is that your screen recording procedure does require your approval through the control panel. Secondly, the certain version of your device and the respective iOS it supports, there may be many different ways to record the screen below.

Also, when you plan to share your recording over various platforms, a high-speed internet connection might be required, otherwise, it can be quite a nuisance. With these things in consideration, let us begin our tutorial

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Turning on Screen Recording:

The very first step is to enable the screen recording option on your iPhone. To enable this, simply go to the Settings tab and tap on the “Control Center” option. From there, tap on the “Customize Controls” tab. Here you can observe a number of options already added with the minus sign against their respective names.

Similarly, unadded options will have a green plus sign against their names. Find the “Screen Recording” tab from the unadded options and tap the green symbol to add them to the “Include” section.

You can also rearrange your Control Center by dragging the icons at their right end and set them in accordance to your taste. This would give a more customized vibe to your settings. Also, if you want to use screen recording temporarily, the best practice is to exclude it from the “Include” section for related safety concerns in case there are multiple users over your mobile phone.

Begin Recording:

Now it’s time to start recording. If you have iPhone X or a later model or an iPad with iOS 12 or later installed, then you need to swipe down from the right upper corner of your screen, otherwise, you can simply pull up the screen to bring the Control Center in front of you.

There is a Record button inserted into your Control Center now. Tap on it to begin recording your session. When you do this, there will be a three-second countdown wait after which the recording will begin precisely from where you are at your screen.

To stop the recording, you can simply click on the red indicator at the top and then tap “Stop” to hinder any further recording activity. You can also record voice over your recording. To enable that, keep holding the record button for a while till an option pops up. That option allows you to access Screen Recording from where you can turn on/off the Microphone as per your convenience.

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Edit your Recording:

You can access your recording through the Camera Roll. Simply open the Photos application and the latest item you see there will be the recording that you just made. Naturally, for a professional video, you will want to tweak your video a bit. You can trim it by cutting out the raw initial and ending phases to give it a proper look.

Trimming your video is quite simple over your iPhone as well. Simply tap your recording and press the “Edit” button. Now you will see a bar at the bottom of your screen with yellow directional arrows at both ends that can be dragged to trim the video length. You can easily see the effects of the trimming in between to see if you’re headed in the right direction.

Once you are happy with the result, simply tap Save and you have your edited screen recording ready to be put to use.

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