5 Apps to Repost Instagram Post and Stories

Apps 5 Apps to Repost Instagram Post and Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Unlike others, Instagram only focuses on pictures and videos. It has almost all the handy features but still lacks at reposting or re-sharing pictures and videos.

To accomplish this, you need help from third-party apps. Most of the apps I mentioned below will let you repost pictures, videos, and stories on Instagram with the original caption. Here are the best free and paid reposting apps for Instagram to repost or re-share other content.

1. Repost it! Save and Repost for Instagram

Repost it is my favorite reposting app since it offers more options and features than others. The app offers several ways of reposting. You can repost by searching username within the app or by copying the links from the post. The app lets you repost your own content from your timeline, from the post you’ve liked, and finally the stories.

How to repost on Instagram?
Image Source: Repost it

How to use:

Repost from link

  • Tap three horizontal dots above the post you want to repost on the Instagram
  • Open Repost it and it will automatically grab the link
  • You can download or repost with corresponding options. The position will move the watermark to each corner of the photo and will eventually remove it after residing at each corner.

Repost Stories

  • Open the app and tap the repost option at the bottom right
  • Tap Stories and it will load all of your friend’s stories. Additionally, you can search by the username as well
  • Tap the stories and repost it or download it.

All other methods can be done with the same process. The app includes a tutorial as well. Be sure to check out if you need help.

The free version contains ads but it can be removed by the pro version. However, the ads are not annoying as it is placed perfectly without interrupting the user experience.

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2. Repost via Instant

Repost via instant is a simple yet powerful reposting app. Unfortunately, the app is only available for Android. It works as an Instagram downloader and organizer with the ability to copy the tags and content text. It lets you download the media files locally and lets you sort them by your needs.

How to repost on Instagram?
Image Source: Repost via Instant

How to use:

  • Tap the ‘Tap to open Instagram’
  • Tap the three horizontal dots above the picture or video you want to repost
  • Tap ‘Copy link’ and go back to Repost via Instant
  • The copied link will automatically have grabbed and stored, ready to be posted
  • Now you can post the pictures (Note that the tags and content text will also be copied)

3. Repost for Instagram

Repost for Instagram comes with great features but maintains a sleek, clean and simple user interface. The app works very similarly to Repost via Instant. Copy the link URL and your copied media will be ready to post. The built-in tutorials will guide you through the ‘How-to’ process.

How to repost on Instagram?

The free version will add a watermark of the desired author with the ads popping out of the app. However, the paid version which is priced at $4.99 will remove both of them.

How to use:

The process is the same as the Repost via Instant

4. Regrann

Regrann is so popular among its competitors. The options and features are almost the same as the others. The app allows you to download the photos or videos, save them for later and share with apps other than Instagram. Like others, Regrann also includes a tutorial to get you started.

How to repost on Instagram?

The free variant will include ads but the paid version ($3.99) will remove it and offers support from the developer as well.

How to use:

  • Open Instagram and tap the three horizontal dots above the media you want to download
  • Unlike others, the app will detect the Instagram link as soon as you copy and open Regrann
  • You will be granted with options to save, share, post later, repost to stories and repost to feed

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5. Rep0st

Rep0st is a multifunctional app with advanced editing features available for iOS devices. While reposting, you can create a design that includes mosaic and grid style. The built-in editor allows you to add text and emojis. Support for PNG transparency, logo addition, and opacity slider are an additional advantage.

How to repost on Instagram?
Image Source: Rep0st

How to use:

The process is the same as the Repost via Instant

  • Additionally, you can tap the import button to add your own content from the camera roll
  • You can use the imported pictures as a logo or email signature
  • The pictures can be modified as per your needs with advanced editor
  • Once your done, tap IG or TW to upload the pictures to Instagram or Twitter

That’s it for now. If a better reposting app makes an appearance on the app store or play store, I will add it here. You can also check out our Instagram tips and tricks that you may not know. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite app.

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