How to take a Screenshot on iPhone 11 (And older models)

How to screenshot your iPhone 11

Screenshotting on an iPhone is very simple and easy. But the process is different for the iPhones with the home button without the home button. Taking a screenshot on the iPhone is a great way for sharing your on-screen content with your friends or families. But the actual question arises when you’re new to the iPhone family. 

How do you take a screenshot on iPhone?

There are two methods to get the job done. The 1st one is the traditional way of pressing the combination of some keys and the other one is with the help of assertive touch.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 11

Use this method to take a screenshot on iPhone 11 and other iPhones without the home button

  1. Head to the screen you want to capture 
  2. Press and hold the sleep/wake button(Power button) and volume up button at the same time.
  3. The screen will flash white with a shutter sound and you will get a small preview of the screenshot at the bottom left of the screen 
  4. The screenshot will be saved in the photos
How to Take screenshot on iPhone

How to take a Screenshot on iPhones with the home button (iPhone 8 and earlier) 

Use this method to screenshot an iPhone without the home button, iPhone 8 or earlier.

How to Take screenshot on iPhone
  1. Head to the screen you want to capture 
  2. Press and hold the sleep/wake button (power button) and the home button at the same time. Siri might be invoked if the home bottom is pressed first. So, make sure you press both the buttons at the same time 
  3. The screen will flash white with a shutter sound and you will get a small preview of the screenshot at the bottom left of the screen (iOS 10 or earlier will not provide preview) 
  4. The screenshot will be saved in the photos

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How to capture an entire web page on Safari

As soon as you take a screenshot, a preview of the taken screenshot will appear on the bottom right of the screen. Tap it to open editing tools (before it disappears). Tap on the Full Page to preview the entire webpage and edit if you need it. Due to its size, the screenshot can’t be saved in photos.

But PDF formate will save the screenshot to the files app. Tap Done and it will ask you to delete or save the screenshot as PDF. Tap your desired option to save or delete the screenshot.

You can also use third-party apps to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone

Tip – You can continuously press the combination of the buttons to take multiple screenshots. You can notice multiple screenshots grouped in the preview section at the bottom right. 

How to take a screenshot using Assertive Touch

Assertive touch is an accessibility feature that stays on the screen all the time (Can be dragged anywhere on the screen) that makes the job easier for the people with impairments.

To use the Assertive touch, you have to enable it first (Skip this step if already enabled it).

Follow the below steps to turn on Assertive Touch

  1. Go to Settings and tap General
  2. In the General, find and tap Accessibility
  3. Then tap Assertive Touch under Interaction
  4. Flip the toggle to On to enable Assertive Touch

After enabling, the screenshot function should be added to Assertive Touch. To add it, follow the give steps below.

  1. In the Assertive Touch, tap Customize Top Level Menu
  2. Then tap the + icon to add a new function
  3. Tap the newly added icon and choose Screenshot
  4. Then tap Done.

Now you can just tap the assertive touch icon on the screen to open the menu and tap the screenshot to capture the screen

How to edit the screenshot

Tap the preview at the bottom and the screenshot will be opened with a markup tool. The tool provides a lot of useful features such as crop & zoom, undo & redo, draw, erase, move, premade shapes, text, magnifier and signature. 

Crop & Zoom: 

Adjust or move the blue border around the images to crop in and crop out of the image. To zoom in and out, Pinch in and pinch out will work. You can always undo or redo the changes if you mess up with anything.  

Undo & Redo: 

Tapping the back arrow will undo any changes you have made and the forward arrow will do the opposite. The arrows can be tapped as many times as possible to undo or redo the changes. If you go further, taping and holding the arrows will bring more options.  


The default tool that will be active when the markup editor is opened. There are three kinds of pens to choose from and each can be chosen with different colors. Tap the pen you want and draw on the screenshot. To change the color, tap the circle and choose your favorite color. 


If you draw something wrong, you can use the eraser tool to delete the unwanted portion. Tap the pencil with an eraser icon near the pen tool and delete the mistakes. Note that you can also undo or redo the changes. 


To move the object you have drawn, tap the dotted lasso tool next to the eraser and tap the object and move around. 

Premade Shapes: 

There are four different kinds of shapes available to add. Each with the fully customizable options. You can make it bigger or smaller, thinner or thicker and fill in with solid colors. Play with the tool to know more about it.  Tap the “+“ icon at the corner right and choose the shapes you want to add.  

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Text can be added by tapping the “+“ icon and choosing the text option. You can also tap “aA” to bring more options such as the font, size, and alignment of the text. Tap the solid circle next to the “aA” to choose the text color 


Tap the “+” and choose the magnifier option to invoke the magnifier tool. Drag the circle around the screenshot to place it where you want. Tapping and moving the blue dot will make the magnifier big or small. And the green dot will zoom in and out. 


The signature tool can be used to add your own signature to the screenshot. Tap the “+” icon and choose the signature option. If you have your signature saved, then the tool will provide you a option to choose it. If not, it will bring a blank page to draw the signature. Tap confirm to add the signature.  

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