iOS 12.2 Beta 1 Released.Whats new?

Apple has now released 12.2 beta 1 to the registered developers and it has some new UI changes and features. The features and changes are listed below.

  1. Apple Music search results have more scrolling and now larger.
  2. Music control interface within Siri
  3. Add icon in wallet app is now black instead of blue
  4. New select animation in a new wallet card
  5. Can now disable weather condition in Maps
  6. New screen mirroring icon
  7. Health app prompt for Sharing activity is updated
  8. No animation for Airplay connected icon
  9. Updated look for Recent card transactions
  10. Added some and removed some experimental safari Features.
  11. Searching for the signal is removed(Might be glitch or bug)
  12. Motion & Orientation Access toggle in Safari settings
  13. Full Trust for Root Certificates is Now Available.
  14. “Ask Websites Not to track Me” is no longer available in Safari Settings
  15. Apple TV remote interface is now in full screen
  16. Larger control center menus
  17. Airplay 2 TV is now supported by Apple TV and Home app
  18. “Not secure” warning for insecure sites(Sites not supporting HTTPS)
  19. Podcasts app settings no longer display Version No.
  20. Maps now have “Air quality index” toggle
  21. Rounded Play/pause airplay button
  22. New films category in TV app
  23. News app launched for Canada
  24. Always show “next up” option is removed from News settings
  25. Top search results now have Arrows at the right end
  26. Updated description for Voiceover
  27. CloudKitCode, New private system Framework
  28. Under the hood bug fixes.
  29. Size of the update is around 800MB if coming from 12.1.3 beta 4.
  30. Slight improvement in Performance.


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