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iOS 12.2 Beta 2 released.What’s new?




Apple pushed iOS 12.2 Beta 2 to the registered developers and public beta testers will receive it soon. however, this beta doesn’t contain a lot of features or changes to talk about but we don’t want you to miss an important feature in this beta. That is four new animojis. Facetime bug which affects all most all the ios users might be fixed in this beta, hopefully. It has some minor changes and features which are listed below.

  1. 4 new animojis ( Giraffe, Shark, Owl, and Warthog)
  2. LTE Badge has been replaced by 5G E for some AT&T user (However this is not the real 5G)
  3. Motion and orientation settings in Safari
  4. New classroom app betas
  5. New Airplay icon and animation
  6. Airplay icon actively changes depending upon the playback source
  7. Apple TV player interface(in control center) now has a shortcut to AppleTV Remote
  8. New airplay interface animation in music
  9. Battery % now shows on the lock screen without connecting to the charger(Might be a bug because it hides the date)
  10. Minor performance improvements.

These are the feature that we found so far. If we found more, we will update the blog. Do you guys found some features that are not listed above? Leave a comment in the comment section.

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