iOS 12.3 Released. Here’s why you should definitely update.

Apple has released iOS 12.3 to the public. Before this final version, there are six betas gone through to developers and public beta testers. This version is all about software as confirmed by Apple in March event. Let’s look at the changes and features of iOS 12.3.

1. New TV app

  • Apple completely revamped the TV app (this includes a new TV app icon too) with new subscriptions.
  • Newly released movies are available to rent or buy that includes a full catalog of 100,000 + movies with 4K HDR support.
  • The app will remember where you left off and will continue to play with a tap from where you left.
  • Siri Suggestions now supports TV shows and movies.
  • Added kids section which is specially designed for kids. This section consists of movies and TV shows handpicked for kids.

2. Airplay 2

  • Airplay 2 now supports sharing photos, videos and more from iPhone or iPad directly to Airplay 2 enabled smart TV.
  • Siri Suggestions which supports TV shows and movies include the option to airplay.

3. News app – Option to follow the magazines from News +.

4. Music App – “For you“ tab in Music updated multiple times per day with new suggestions based on your listening and mood.

5. Apple TV remote – Pausing and controlling video and volume has been fixed.

6. WiFi Calling – WiFi calls will no longer drop while on phone call.

7. Apple car play – Fixed song information not showing.

8. Security Fixes – There are 23 security updates that include contacts, kernel, lock screen, mail, photos storage, WiFi. Its is highly recommended to update to iOS 12.3 to address these security issues.

Here is the official list of security updates released by apple –

Besides these changes and features, the performance for older iPhones have been greatly improved.

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