iPhone XR 2 will feature 4GB Ram with 6 core processor

To be honest, people are more excited for iPhone Xr 2 rather than iPhone 11. Last year, Apple introduced a new series of iPhones that are cost-effective but sacrificing some features. It still is a favorite iPhone for many people. 

An unknown benchmark scores by Geekbench 4 floating around the internet. This benchmark confirms that this might be the specification for the iPhone XR’s successor. 

The model mentioned in the score is named as iPhone 12,1 ( None of the iPhone at present named after it) with iOS 13.1. It has 4 GB of ram installed with unidentified 6-core ARM processor clocked at 2.44 GHz. 

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As we go further, the motherboard is identified as “N104AP” which was the same numbering scheme that apple used for iPhone XR. This should be considered but the information in the benchmarks results can also be a false report. 

The scores were 1st spotted by a member of the MacRumors forum

These specifications are closely identical to Apple’s existing A12 Bionic chip used in iPhone XR, XS and XS max but XS and XS Max are in above the line with larger ram compared to XR. Surprisingly, the L1 instruction cache and data cache is mentioned to be 48 KB, which was significantly less than the 128 KB compared to A12 bionic processors. The L2 cache is also smaller at 4MB, a decrease from 8 MB from the previous models.

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Apple is ready to unveil the next-generation iPhones at the upcoming special event on 10th September. The next-gen iPhones are rumored to have a triple-lens camera setup with a larger battery. There is no change in terms of design.

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