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iPhone XR vs iPhone 11: Which to choose?

Apple launched three new iPhone models this year. The entry-level iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the maxed-out iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This year, apple mainly focuses on Camera and slightly a touch up to the design. Now let’s talk about the entry-level iPhone 11 which is the successor of last year iPhone XR.

The first change which comes to entry-level iPhone is the name. There is no iPhone 11R this year, its just iPhone 11. The next major change is the camera. And also it is IP68 water-resistant where else the previous one is IP67.

Other than that it has the same display, same notch, same glass back but Apple claims that it is the strongest glass ever in a smartphone.

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The camera is significantly upgraded from the previous model. iPhone 11 is loaded with dual cameras at the back which is 12 Megapixel primary cam ( f/1.8) + 12 Megapixel ultra-wide cam(f/2.4) with a new camera interface.  It also comes with a new feature, Night mode. Night mode works like a charm in a low light situation although Night mode cant be turned on manually but it will by automatic.

When it comes to video, both are almost the same. The two things that I feel different is that OIS is more stable in the iPhone 11 than the iPhone XR.  The next thing is that the iPhone 11 can capture ultra-wide video which the iPhone XR cant.

The front camera comes with 12 MP f2.2 which is an upgrade from last year’s 7MP. It also has a wide-angle view which comes in handy if there are group of people.  And it has “Slofies”, well this is what Apple calls it. iPhone 11 can take 1080 P videos with 120 FPS and that’s really cool to see in action.

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Performance, Battery, face ID, Price:

iPhone 11 has the latest Apple’s A13 Bionic chipset with 4GB of ram where iPhone XR has A12. The performance is not notably difference in day to day apps through A13 gives a lot more score in AnTuTu benchmark. But you can feel the difference when it comes to heavy wight apps.

When it comes to battery, Apple claims that iPhone 11 lasts 1 hour longer than iPhone XR. But the real day to day tests gives me a result of about 20 – 25 mins longer. It is not a big deal because iPhone XR already had a great battery.

Apple also says that Face ID on the iPhone 11 is faster and works in more angel. But again there is not a huge or notable difference. Still I have to lean and show my face to iPhone to get it unlocked while on a flat surface.

iPhone 11 is priced at $699 which is about 50$ less than iPhone XR( when it was released). Of course, Apple reduced the price of iPhone XR now which is $600.

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What to choose? iPhone 11 or iPhone XR?

iPhone 11 is a better choice to consider which has two-camera setup, improved front camera, improved processor, improved IPS rating and last but not least, the software update. iPhone 11 will get one-year extra support for iOS which is a main thing to consider. But if you are in a tight budget, iPhone XR is not a bad choice either.

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