Quicky – 3D touch app switcher

Quicky – An app that lets you open other apps with 3d Touch

To be more accurate, Quicky is an app that saves time and makes your home screen clean. Quicky only works with devices that support 3D touch and has 3D touch-enabled.Its a one of the must download app for you iPhone. Its more productive and useful.

Quicky adds a shortcut to apps and websites as you wish. Open the quicky app and you can see a list of installed apps on your iPhone.You can add those apps(Maximum 4 for free version) and organize the order in which they want to appear.

Adding and organizing the apps in quicky

After you add them, you can now go to a home screen ( Place the quicky app on the bottom app tray for easier access) and 3D touch the app and you can navigate through the app you added and open the app. Now you don’t want to search for the app you want in the bunch of apps.  You can just 3D touch quicky and open your favorite app. If you open an app using Quicky, you won’t need it on your home screen anymore. Just hide it away in a folder. Keep your home screen clean and organized.

3D touch of Quick which shows facebook,instagram,twitter and quora as shortcut

You can add up to 4 apps with 1 quicky app. If you want another quicky, you can buy quicky pro from app store for $0.99.
Note – Quicky only works with 3D touch-enabled device.

Download Quicky by the link below
Free Version
Paid Version

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