Crash an iPhone instantly with the Word “Hyphen”

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Say this word 5 times and it will crash your iPhone.

The bugs are rising in iOS and Apple keep on rectifying it. Here comes the new bug that crashes an entire iPhone with just a word spelled 5 times.

This works on dictation in spotlight search, messages, etc. Basically, it works in the area where dictation is present. This doesn’t work with SIRI.

You have to tap dictation in the keyboard and say “hyphen” 5 times continuously and it will crash the iPhone. It’s completely harmless and it won’t do anything to your iPhone.The weird thing is that it won’t crash the iPhone if you type or paste the word.

The bug present in the dictation part. It will also work in many languages as well. If you know why this bug exists, let us know in the comment section.

Apple will definitely push an update to rectify it. Until then its fun to play with as it doesn’t harm the phone.

It works on the latest iOS 12.1.2 as well

Update – The weird bug has been fixed by apple

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