How to Send Scheduled Text Messages on iPhone(With an App or Siri Shortcut)

One of the most wanted features for the iPhone and one of the most important features for android is Text message scheduling. Android for many years has built-in scheduler or allows thirty party apps to enable scheduling a message to send later. But Apple for some reason doesn’t permit users to do it.

There are notably fewer applications on the app store that claims to send a scheduled message but only a few among those get the job done.

How to send a scheduled text message on the iPhone using a third-party app?

As I mentioned before, Apple doesn’t provide a built-in scheduler to automate text messages but some thirty apps like Scheduled App makes it possible. However, the app won’t do it unless you buy the paid version. It also has a free version but that reminds you to send the message on time. If don’t want to pay, you can either use the free version and get a reminder or use the Siri shortcut method which is completely free

Image Credit: Scheduled App
  1. Download the Scheduled App from the App Store.
  2. Open the app and tap the + symbol to open the scheduler
  3. Choose either iMessage/SMS or Whatsapp or both.
  4. Select the contact you want the message to be sent by tapping the + icon in the To section (You can also select multiple contacts)
  5. Enter your message and add the photo if needed
  6. Now tap Schedule Date and select the date and time you want your message to be sent
  7. Set a Repeat if your message wants to enter a loop. If not, leave it untouched
  8. Tap Send Automatically if you’re using a paid version or Tap Reminder if you’re stuck to the free version

How to send a scheduled text message on the iPhone using Siri Shortcuts?

Besides third-party apps, Apple’s own shortcut app helps you schedule a message.

What is Siri Shortcut?

Siri Shortcut is a tool that allows the developers to develop their own Shortcuts which work with Siri. Apple introduced the Shortcuts at the WWDC 2018 (Actually, Apple bought the app named workflow and renamed it as Shortcuts). Using this tool, developers have created a tone of useful shortcuts that makes life super easy. And some of those are Send Delayed Text and Delayed Time iMessage

You can also visit our dedicated article for the best Siri Shortcuts.

  1. Download Send Delayed Text and install it (In case you don’t know to install, just open  the file and the shortcut will be installed automatically)
  2. Go to the Shortcuts app and Tap Send Delayed Text shortcut
  3. Choose the Contact, type the message you want to schedule, and tap Ok
  4. Select the date and time for the message to be sent and tap Ok
  5. To select multiple contacts, tap the three dots near the shortcut and turn on Select Multiple.

That’s it, your message has been scheduled. Now you don’t want to be awake till 12 to wish “Happy Birthday”.

NOTE: Make sure that the background app refresh is turned on and the shortcuts app is running in the background.

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