The best Weather apps for iPhone (and Apple Watch) in 2021

The best weather app for iPhone and Apple Watch to try in 2019 

Staying updated with the weather makes it easier for you to schedule your upcoming events. It is always a good option to check for the weather before you leave out rather than getting caught by bad weather. There are some surprisingly good weather apps to predict the weather in advance to stay away from bad atmospheric conditions. 

While the iPhone has its built-in weather app, here are the best weather apps worth trying out.  

1. The weather Channel

The weather channel is currently ranked No.1 on the app store and the only weather app that is supported by iOS’s default weather app. This app not only gives you daily and weekly updates but also hourly updates as well as a 15-day forecast.  So this app will let you know before if a storm is nearing you in an hour.

Photo – Weather Channel

Those little change on the home screen that matches the current weather makes it cooler too. It will also provide you humidity, UV index, and wind speed along with information about the road conditions due to bad weather.   

This app can be downloaded for free with periodic ads but the ads can be removed by a $4 upgrade (in-app purchase).

Download here (free)

2. AccuWeather 

Accuweather provides a clean and minimal interface for the users who prefer simple design. It’s very easy to understand the app and weather forecast.

Photo – AccuWeather

Unlike other apps, it doesn’t provide detailed information about the weather but not everyone prefers that. It is free to download and users can also upgrade with $3.99 to unlock a 25-day forecast and block the ads. 

Download here (Free)

3. The Weather Bug 

The weather bug is easy to use and provides you with needful information about the weather. This app greets us with current, hourly and 10-day forecast with UV index, Wind speed and weather observations.

Photo – Weather Bug

You can also find the quality of the air, real-time traffic conditions and local pollen count with 18 different maps.  The app will also send you essential updates directly to your Apple Watch which makes you more convenient to know the weather. 

It is available to download for free with ads. But the ads can be removed by a $2.99 upgrade.

Download here (Free)

4. Carrot Weather 

Carrot weather is one of the most unique app you will find in the app store. It is full of customization. It has a fun feature called “personality” which has a number of dialogs, sceneries, and characters that react to the weather.

Photo – Carrot Weather

You can also view the weather for any location up to 70 years in the past. It also offers a mini-game inside the app which allows you to follow the clues to find secret locations.  

Download here ( $4.99)

5. Dark Sky 

The dark sky is the most accurate weather app you will come across and one of my favorite too. Actually, other weather apps including Carrot Weather use dark sky API to display data on their app.

Photo – Dark Sky

It displays high and low temperatures of the day, next hour rain prediction, forecast for the next 24 hours or the next 7 days in a simple slider that slides down to reveal all the information. 

Download here ($3.99)

6. Weather Live

Just like others, weather live displays hourly, daily and 7-day forecast but with the customizable home screen. It has four different layouts to try. An animated home screen that reflects the weather makes the app look cooler and beautiful.

It also provides wind speed, directions, and UV details. This is available for free to download with ads. You can upgrade it to unlock more features including a 14-day hourly forecast, interactive weather maps, and an ad-free experience.

Download here (Free)

7. RadarScope

RadorScope is for those who are weather freak and meteorologist. It provides you details from NEXRAD Level 3 with high-resolution radar data that includes thunderstorm and Marine warning issued by U.S National Weather Service.

Photo – Radar Scope

It can also display the latest velocity, dual-polarization and any other information from any NEXRAD or TDWR radar site situated in the U.S, Korea, and some other countries. It will automatically update the data every 2-10 minutes from the Radar depending upon the scan.

RadarScope is priced at $9.99. It can also be upgraded with two options – Tier One ( $9.99, Annually), Tier Two ( $14.99, monthly), Tier Two ($99.99, Annually).

Download here ($9.99)

8. Weather Underground

The Weather Underground is a personalized and color full weather app. The data is updated by more than 270,000 weather stations around the world with interactive NEXRAD radar, wind speed and direction, humidity and a lot more.

Photo – Weather Underground

In addition, you can also report your local weather conditions for the benefits of other app users. It is available to download for free with ads but you can purchase an annual pack for $1.99 to remove those ads.

Download here (Free)

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